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lemon og kush

About Lemon OG

Lemon OG, also known as Presidential Kush or Lemon OG Kush, is a hybrid cannabis strain, 60/40 Indica. The strain has some distant Kush relatives so it can smell like skunk or have diesel fuel undertones. The THC level ranges between 17 and 24 percent with a neglible CBD at just 0.13 percent.

Lemon OG aka Lemon OG Kush Weed Strain Information | Leafly

DNA Genetics, a popular seed company founded in 2004, bred the original Lemon OG by crossing a true Las Vegas Lemon Skunk cut with the OG #18 cut. What resulted was an abnormally high calyx to leaf ratio flower with an uncanny lemony fuely taste and smell. In the ten years since the company’s inception and Lemon OG’s birth, both have been successful, winning plenty of awards.

Typical Effects





Cotton Mouth


Common Usage



A Loss of Appetite




THC Content











Mostly though, Lemon OG is bred for an unmistakable lemon taste and smell. It is the lemoniest of the crosses being bred, and since users like the lemon, expect the strain to become more lemon and less kush/skunk/diesel, increasing its terpene profile of limonene while phasing out the taste of Kush. Lemon OG may appear to be a paler green than other strains and it may even look yellow. Buds are sticky and the plant has white or orange trichomes, the plant’s appendages.

The strain’s THC profile makes it suitable for the medicinal patient and the recreational user, but Lemon OG’s smaller CBD profile, like most cannabis strains, is not suitable for some of the more intense disorders like seizures. Strains with higher CBD content have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and anti-anxiety properties. Generally, these CBD-rich strains have over 4 percent CBD.

Medical users like the sedative effect of Lemon OG that helps with appetite and stress. Other uses include bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD, and OCD. People undergoing chemotherapy may appreciate the strain for relieving nausea and increasing appetite.

Recreational users rave about the quick-acting psychoactive effects. Some say that the smoke is clear and the strain offers a relaxing, uplifting, and creative experience that begs the user to go out and do something. One person reported that it was a good mid-day experience; his focus improved at first and he got some pain relief later.

You can get feminized and autoflowering seeds and grow Lemon OG indoors and outdoors. The plant will grow short to medium high. It should have long colas, and flower in an average of 70 days with a good yield.

Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush

Buy Bubba Kush Online

“Platinum Bubba,” is a “platinum” level indica-dominant marijuana strain for those who are looking for strong medicineis one of the most visually appealing strains out there. The amethyst-purple hues and heavily frosted nugs of Bubba Kush always take us aback. We love to vaporize this strain and let the slightly sedative effects take over. It’s great for chilling out and relieving stress, and perfect for seeing a movie or show! platinum bubba kush

Also available in prerolls for your convenience

The OG Kush in the genetics add some powerful medicine into the equation, generally making most body ailments feel much less painful. This is a fairly rare strain in the current marketplace and GDW went the extra mile to make sure the genetics are absolutely pristine! Remaining constant, Bubba produces Kush style cannabis flowers leaning from golf balls to swollen hearts in shape. platinum bubba kush

platinum bubba kush

Bubba Kush is an indica strain that has gained notoriety in the U.S. and beyond for its heavy tranquilizing effects. Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of chocolate and coffee come through on the exhale, delighting the palate as powerful relaxation takes over.

From head to toe, muscles ease with heaviness as dreamy euphoria blankets the mind, crushing stress like presidential og while coercing happy moods. Bubba Kush exhibits a distinctive, bulky bud structure with hues that range from forest green to pale purple.

Many patients prefer this strain due to its ability to alleviate insomnia, depression, stress, and/or ADD/ADHD. Although Bubba Kush can relieve many ailments, it is not a daytime strain; that is unless you plan on sleeping your day away. The abundance of trichomes makes this strain almost as sticky as our Chocolate Diesel.  “Platinum Bubba,” is a “platinum” level indica-dominant marijuana strain for those who are looking for strong medicine .platinum bubba kush


We recommend using a high-quality vaporizer for the ultimate healthy enjoyment of this premium flower! We grind ours using the world’s best grinders. platinum bubba kush

22.3%THC – 0.14
California Born, Raised and Loved:
Indoor Hydroponic Farm – Veganic Premium cultivation – Organically Grown – No Pesticides or Fungicides

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Vanilla Kush

About Vanilla Kush

vanilla kush strain ,Originating in Kashmir, India, the mother of Barneys Farm’s mostly Indica Vanilla Kush is Hash Plant. Hash Plant was crossed with either Afghan Kush or another unkown Kush from Afghanistan and was aptly named for its sweet taste and
vanilla kush strain
Winning second place in the Cannabis Cup of 2009, this strain has been tested at more than 20 percent THC. Heavier on the body than the mind, Vanilla Kush can easily sink users into the couch and just as easily put them to sleep.

Still the strain is very freeing to the mind and may be even be thought provoking. These effects can last well over two hours and users with low tolerance should be careful.

vanilla kush strain

Most patients will find they can overcome the couch-lock this strain may try to provide, which can make it great for daytime pain relief. Users may find that Vanilla Kush can help fight depression and other mood disorders. Others will seek it for the other bodily effects that may help fight insomnia, arthritis and nausea.

vanilla kush strain
Vanilla Kush can be successful when grown both inside and out, by amateurs and experts alike. Requiring very little care and staying on the shorter side, the strain will typically yield best as multi-branching plants.
Usually these plants reach about 60 centimeters indoors and flower for about nine weeks. When grown outside they tend to finish towards the end of September or early October, they can produce up to 250 grams per plant. Vanilla Kush does well using the See of Green and Sea of Green methods.
The numbing body high of Vanilla Kush is perfect for sufferers of pain, arthritis, and nausea, making it an excellent option for sufferers of a range of conditions.
The effects of Vanilla Kush are long-lasting, sometimes exceeding two hours, so bear this in mind when using it for medicinal purposes.
Is Vanilla Kush good?

Vanilla Kush effects are mostly calming. Vanilla Kush potency is higher than average. This indica strain comes from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and clinched 2nd place overall at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup for the coffee shop and seed company.

vanilla kush strain

About this Hybrid Strain

The indica cannabis strain Vanilla Kush won second place in the Cannabis Cup of 2009. It bears a sweet scent with notes of lavender and vanilla, some claiming to also smell faint traces of citrus. Its buds are soft, large, and light green with dashes of orange.

vanilla kush strain

Its parent strains are both indicas: Afghani and South Asian Indica. Vanilla Kush first blossomed under the care of Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam.

Vanilla Kush’s THC content averages at 15% with some crops reaping in at 22%. Its high will sink the consumer into the couch or bed, so evening and night time use is best.

Sleepiness will ensue, while the muscles become free of tension. Slight sativa effects will cause light cerebral activity, freeing the mind of stresses and provoking deep thoughts.

The high will often last up to two hours and can be potent, so starting slow is recommended.

Vanilla Kush takes eight to nine weeks to flower and is a good choice for both novice and veteran growers. This strain requires little care to successfully grow.

OG Kush

OG Kush

About OG Kush

Lemon og kush  , OG Kush is a legendary strain with a name that has recognition even outside of the cannabis world. Despite its fame, though, its exact origins remain a mystery. Some claim that it’s a cross between staple Chemdawg and a hardy Hindu Kush landrace. It’s also possible that OG Kush emerged from undocumented bag seed as a distinct phenotype of some other existing strain. The meaning of its name is also disputed — the “OG” has been alternately said to stand for: “original gangster,” connoting its status as an old-school building block strain; “ocean grown,” in reference to its origin along the California coast; and even “,” a now-defunct website that served as a resource for countless cannabis growers.  One thing that’s not up for debate is OG Kush’s potency — its THC composition has been consistently measured at between 20% and 25%.Buy OG Kush online

OG Kush has medium to large nugget-like buds that have a dense, indica-like structure. The leaves are yellowish green, although certain phenotypes can show traces of purple; the latter color is the result of anthocyanin pigments being activated by cold weather. Vibrant orange pistils, meant to catch pollen from fertilizing male plants, stand out against these colorful flowers. lemon OG Kush online


THC Content lemon og kush


The buds are covered in trichomes that lend them a silvery-white appearance and make them very sticky to the touch  when prepping buds for a joint or a pipe, users may want to use a grinder. When properly cured, the buds have a earthy, musty scent that is accented by some citrusy brightness: the overall impression is of a hoppy craft beer. Burning or breaking open the buds offers more of a pine-like odor. Smoke from OG Kush is commonly harsh and cough-inducing; it may sting the sinuses and cause eyes to water. The smoke tastes hashy and spicy like a classic indica on the inhale and exhale. OG Kush’s pungent funk may linger for a while after a joint has been extinguished — those looking to remain discreet about their smoking should take the proper precautions. lemon OG Kush

The high from OG Kush is more head-focused than physical. It starts with a sudden headrush that may lead users to feel more focused on their surroundings; sounds and colors may seem intensified. This alteration of the senses may soon give way to a general uplift in mood that progresses towards euphoria. The increase in focus is not as cerebral as with more pure sativas — smokers will not suffer from a disorienting sense of rapid thought association or “mindrace.”  It’s a versatile smoke that lends itself to the user’s mood and mindset The combination of mental stimulation and improvement in mood makes this a uniquely social strain, good for parties and lively conversations. It’s also a great way to enhance activities that involve the body and mind, like video games, exercise, and even sex. OG Kush has medical application as a means to temporarily relieve anxiety and depression by helping users live in the moment. Its sense of focus can also be helpful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders. Some have reported relief from headaches and migraines with this strain as well. As with many sativa varieties, OG Kush has the potential to make users feel paranoid with higher doses. lemon og kush

OG Kush seeds can be grown indoors or outdoors. Outdoor cultivation requires consistent temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Indoor growing tends to be more convenient for many, as plants are typically short and bushy, growing between 2 and 3.5 feet tall. Topping — trimming the broad fan leaves that grow towards the top of the plant — can help light and air reach flowering nodes on the lower branches. Plants of OG Kush flower within 9 weeks when grown indoors; growers can expect an average yield of about 45 grams or 1.6 ounces per square foot. This strain’s pungency also means that those looking to isolate the odors of their grow space should invest in measures like carbon air filters or exhaust fans.Buy OG Kush online

Because of its mildly energizing and uplifting effects, OG Kush is a strain best enjoyed in the daytime or early evening. Its positive high can be enjoyed in festive social settings or alone, for accomplishing any variety of tasks. It also has the genetic stability to back up its popularity — OG Kush has been a building block, yielding successful crossbreeds like Bubba Kush and also offering up some distinct phenotypes that have become popular strain in their own right, like Tahoe OG and Alpha OG. Lemon og kush


OG Kush Shatter

OG Kush Shatter is a classic favorite for the West Coast. The effects of OG  Shatter is more head-focused than physical. The concentrate has an earthy pine and sour lemon scent with woody undertones. OG Kush Shatter is known for its ability to treat stress while giving the user a heavy euphoria. og purple kush , og kush cbd , blueberry og kush , 

About this strain: OG Kush

OG Kush effects

Reported by real people like you

3,759 people told us about effects:
61% of people report feeling happy
58% of people report feeling relaxed
33% of people report feeling hungry
Dry mouth
36% of people report feeling dry mouth
Dry eyes
21% of people report feeling dry eyes
8% of people report feeling dizzy
40% of people say it helps with stress
30% of people say it helps with anxiety
29% of people say it helps with pain

Can CBD Help Weight Loss with PCOS?

What is PCOS?

CBD Help Weight Loss Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), is a metabolic dysfunction which causes a hormone imbalance. This affects biological women’s bodies in many different ways and is related to insulin resistance, inflammation, hypothyroidism, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritable bowel syndrome, acne, irregular and painful cycles,  infertility, and more. This infographic below illustrates some possible symptoms CBD Help Weight Loss.

Is There a Cure for PCOS?

There are no known cures for PCOS, however with a few changes and the help of a medical professional, symptoms can be reversed. By switching to a gluten free and dairy free diet (reduces inflammation and regulates insulin resistance), using CBD oil (reduces inflammation), and replacing high intensity exercise with slow weighted workouts (avoids stress hormone dysregulation), women can have drastically reduced symptoms and may even reverse PCOS. When PCOS symptoms are managed or reversed, women can experience weight loss, regular cycles, increased fertility, report feeling stronger, and have more natural energy throughout the day CBD Help Weight Loss.

What is CBD? THC vs. CBD:

Cannabis is a genus of plants that include both hemp and marijuana. CBD (cannabidiol) stems from the hemp plant, the closest relative to the marijuana plant. Marijuana contains a dominant trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and is the chemical responsible for psychological effects. Unlike THC, CBD does not contain any ingredients that can cause psychoactive or “high” feelings such as euphoria, paranoia, lack of motivation, or increased appetite. Non-intoxicating CBD is known to decrease anxiety, reduce inflammation, and help with pain relief as well as sleep disorders. Also, CBD alleviates PCOS symptoms to help you through your day and achieve your health goals CBD Help Weight Loss.

CBD Oil for PCOS

How can CBD oil benefit women with PCOS? CBD helps the body maintain homeostasis.

Homeostasis includes balancing the parts of your body affected by PCOS including your hormones, metabolism, and neurotransmitters. Fatigue caused by PCOS makes it harder to get adequate sleep at night, which can make weight loss difficult. CBD is known to help with sleep disorders, allowing you to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep to promote weight loss. After talking to your doctor, try journaling your symptoms before you start daily CBD oil, diet changes, and exercise regimens, then compare your results after a few weeks. Since using CBD helps reduce inflammation and regulate insulin (PCOS symptom triggers), women can see improvement within a few weeks whether it is on the scale or their digestion, headaches, fatigue, and more. Keep in mind, everyone is different. Some women can see results in a few days and for some it takes a few months. Either way, consistency is key. 

PCOS Weight Loss Diet Tips

In regards to your diet, start by reducing your gluten and dairy intake. It can take several months to learn how to consistently have a gluten and dairy free diet. Try almond milk or vegan cheese instead of dairy. There are also tons of surprisingly delicious gluten free pastas, bagels, and breads that taste just as good as their gluten counterparts.

Also, make sure you don’t cut too many calories. In fact, with PCOS too much of a calorie restriction can make your PCOS symptoms worse as cutting too many calories affects your metabolic function. Too much caffeine isn’t good for PCOS either. Try replacing coffee with calming organic tea made with CBD flowers. You can also drink about a gallon of water a day to help balance your hormones, reduce fatigue, and help with cravings.

It is important to realize that you also don’t need to cut out carbs to lose weight. With PCOS, it is a surprisingly healthier choice to try to find your carb tolerance range by testing how many carbs you can eat a day without symptoms. The more consistent you are with implementing these changes, the more results you may see. 

CBD Weight Loss

After speaking with your doctor about using CBD oil, try adding it daily. This will help reduce inflammation, regulate your insulin and blood sugar levels, relieve anxiety and depression, and promote weight loss. Remember that this is a lifestyle change. Since you are slowly removing the PCOS triggers, weight loss will naturally occur over time when implementing these new regimes. Since there is no “cure” for PCOS, reversing PCOS through these simple consistent changes are truly found to be the most helpful. Adding a daily CBD oil will help you will ride along the happy road to reduced or reversed PCOS symptoms. 

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cbd for asthritis

CBD for Arthritis

People are aware of the health benefits of CBD but do they know how far the benefits go? One of the most important features of CBD is how much potential it holds against arthritis and pain.

Is CBD oil good for arthritis?

Laboratory studies suggest that CBD might be a valid option to consider for arthritis and inflammation. There are official reports of dramatic improvement by people who tried CBD for their pain. Experts are still waiting for well-designed, scientifically valid, and rigorous clinical trials that are so badly needed to answer the question of just how effective CBD may be to people with chronic arthritis pain.

CBD oil for pain

Cannabinoids like CBD, interact with receptors of pain and inflammation in the body. CBD may block certain receptors that allow for levels of an endocannabinoid called anandamide to increase in the body. Scientists think that CBD oil affects the receptors to make them not respond to the signals they receive. This process is possibly helping reduce pain and inflammation.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for pain relief?

Again depending on your condition, it could take between 30 minutes to a couple of hours.

When should I take CBD oil, morning or night?

This could all vary depending on the CBD product you are using and your medical condition. You can take it during the day if the pain is too much, but it is recommended to take CBD at night. The best way to be sure is to ask your doctor to find out the way that works better for you.

How to use CBD oil for arthritis

Dosage really depends on your condition, age, weight, and medical history. So make sure to ask a doctor before using it. Basically, you can add CBD oil to anything you eat or drink. You can also vape it which is the fastest way to feel the effects.

CBD cream for pain

CBD creams are another great way of benefitting from CBD. Rubbing CBD creams on sore muscles helps recovery and reduces the pain.

CBD gummies for pain

CBD gummies are really popular, especially among older people with arthritis and chronic pain. There are remarkably tasty CBD gummies that you can find on Kushfly to make your treatment more enjoyable.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction ,Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the inability to achieve or maintain an erection in order to have sex. Formerly known as penile impotence, ED can occur with stress or may even indicate a health condition. Either way, consulting with a health professional about ED is the first step. 

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction? 

Sexual excitement allows the penile muscle to relax. Erection then occurs as a result of stimulation leading blood flow to the penis. When muscles contract, the blood flows out of penile veins ending the erection. ED occurs when the muscles contract before desired sexual intercourse is completed. 

Both emotional stressors and physical conditions can cause ED. Some of these medical conditions include: aging, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, drug use (including alcohol or tobacco), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hormone imbalances, kidney disease, pelvic injury, prescription side effects, sleep disorders, or stress. Consult with your doctor to determine the cause of your ED in order to receive the best treatment. 

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Erections?

Depending on the underlying cause of your ED, treatments such as prescription medications, talk therapy, or CBD may be suggested.  A CBD lubricant will work faster for ED than edibles or an ingestible CBD. However, CBD edibles will relax the entire body which may also work for stress related ED.

Does CBD Oil Increase Blood Flow?

CBD used as a lubricant will relax your muscles. Relaxed muscles help open blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the applied area.  Be sure to test any product in a small amount before applying the recommended dosage.

Does CBD Affect Testosterone?

ED can be impacted by low testosterone levels. In order to treat this, you’ll need to target the underlying cause with the help of your physician. Luckily, CBD can help naturally regulate your testosterone levels. CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system and helps your body maintain balance. Balancing your testosterone levels will help with your ED, making CBD an excellent supplement.

Which Oil Is Good for Erectile Dysfunction?

we offer the best CBD oil for erectile dysfunction. CBD oil for men can be found in our health and wellness section. If you are looking for the best topical CBD now,  have it delivered in 45 minutes to Los Angeles or same day delivery to SoCal.

What Are the Benefits of CBD? CBD Benefits Chart

Countless Benefits of CBD

CBD Benefits, Cannabidiol is a widely utilized natural treatment for a variety of diseases. CBD (cannabidiol) is one of over 100 chemical components called cannabinoids discovered in the cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa.

What does CBD make you feel?

The psychoactive cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the most common psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis, which means it causes a high feeling. CBD, on the other hand, is not psychotropic like THC. CBD is an enticing choice for people seeking pain and symptom treatment without the mind-altering effects of cannabis or the additional adverse effects associated with some pharmaceutical medicines. CBD Benefits

Is CBD good for you?

CBD has been examined for its possible involvement in relieving the symptoms of a variety of common health problems, including anxiety and neurological illnesses. It may also boost heart health and aid in the relief of certain forms of discomfort. Keep in mind that some of these health benefits are linked to the usage of CBD in conjunction with THC rather than CBD alone. Research into the effects of CBD on specific illnesses is currently ongoing, and there is still a lot to learn about CBD’s potential applications.CBD Benefits

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What does CBD do?

CBD has been hailed for a range of health conditions, but the best scientific evidence is for its efficacy in treating some of the cruelest childhood epileptic syndromes, such as Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), which do not respond to antiseizure drugs. CBD has been shown in multiple trials to lessen the number of seizures and, in some circumstances, to completely stop them. Epidiolex, a CBD-based drug, is the first FDA-approved cannabis-derived medicine for these disorders.

Does CBD lower blood pressure?

According to certain studies, CBD-infused products may aid in the reduction of blood pressure. CBD may have vasodilatory benefits in human and rat arteries, according to a 2020 study. CBD may increase a person’s blood flow by widening their blood vessels, according to the authors. A 2017 study investigated examined the effects of a single dose of CBD oil on healthy people. It decreased blood pressure in both people who were at rest and those who were under stress. CBD Benefits

CBD Health Benefits

CBD is gaining popularity in the health and wellness industry, with some scientific studies indicating that it can help with a variety of ailments.

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CBD for Your Mind

Anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions can have serious consequences for one’s general health and well-being. Pharmaceutical medications are frequently used to treat mental health illnesses, but they can have a variety of side effects, including sleepiness, agitation, sleeplessness, sexual dysfunction, and headaches. CBD Benefits

Furthermore, many drugs, such as benzodiazepines, have the potential to cause addiction and lead to substance use disorder. CBD has shown potential as a treatment for several mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, which has piqued the curiosity of many people who suffer from these conditions.

CBD for Your Body

Certain components of cannabis, particularly CBD, have been revealed to be responsible for its pain-relieving properties, according to scientists. The endocannabinoid system is a specialized system in the human body that regulates a range of processes, including sleep, hunger, pain sensation, and immune system response. Endocannabinoids are neurotransmitters produced by the body that connect to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system.CBD Benefits

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Studies have revealed that CBD may help alleviate chronic pain by changing endocannabinoid receptor function, decreasing inflammation, and interacting with neurotransmitters. When used alone, CBD appears to be useful for specific forms of pain, including nerve pain and back pain, according to some research. However, when combined with THC, it appears to be the most effective.

Some cancer-related symptoms and side effects associated with cancer therapy, such as nausea, vomiting, and pain, maybe helped by CBD. An earlier study looked at the effects of CBD and THC in 177 persons who were suffering from cancer-related pain and had not found relief from pain medicines. When compared to individuals who just received THC extract, those who received an extract containing both components saw a considerable reduction in discomfort. Sativex may help lessen cancer-related pain in some people, according to an analysis of five research. Although CBD may be beneficial for some cancer patients, additional research is needed to establish whether CBD should be used more frequently to control cancer symptoms.

CBD’s potential to affect the endocannabinoid system and other brain signaling systems, according to researchers, could help people with neurological illnesses. In fact, treating neurological illnesses like epilepsy and MS is one of the most researched uses for CBD. Several studies have shown encouraging outcomes, despite the fact that research in this area is still relatively new.

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How to Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

CBD for Arthritis

Definition of cannabinoid | What are Cannabinoids?

It is time for education and the topic is the most important aspect of weed, cannabinoids. You will learn a lot as well as refresh your memory regarding cannabinoids in this blog post. Let’s get started.

What are they ?

Cannabinoids are a class of compounds present in marijuana plants. The most common ones are THC and CBD.

How many types are there?

Thanks to research, more than 100 cannabinoids have been discovered in addition to THC and CBD.

Main Subclasses of Cannabinoids

Cannabigerol (CBG)

Cannabichromene (CBC)

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabidiol (CBDL)

Cannabicyclol (CBL)

Cannabielsoin (CBE)

Cannabidiol (CBT)

What makes a cannabinoid different compared to other cannabinoids?

The degree of psychoactivity is the most common way in which cannabinoids are classified. CBG, CBC, and CBD, for example, are not known to be psychoactive, but THC, CBN, CBDL, and other cannabinoids are known to have varying degrees of psychoactivity. CBD, the most abundant , is known to have anti-anxiety properties, perhaps counteracting THC’s high effects. When THC is exposed to air, it oxidizes and generates CBN, which interacts with THC to reduce its potency. Because of the increased CBN to THC ratio, cannabis that has been left out unused will have less strong effects when smoked.

What are cannabinoids good for?

Cannabinoid-containing drugs may be useful in treating certain rare kinds of epilepsy, nausea, and vomiting associated with cancer treatment, and HIV/AIDS-related lack of appetite and weight loss. Furthermore, some research suggests that cannabis or cannabinoids may have minor benefits for chronic pain and multiple sclerosis symptoms. Glaucoma is not helped by cannabis. Cannabis research for different ailments is still in its early phases.

Cannabinoids Effects

work by engaging with specificreceptors on the surface of cells to produce their effects.CB1 and CB2 are the two primary types of receptors in the body, and they are present in various regions of the central nervous system.

have different effects depending on which part of the brain is engaged. Memory, cognition, and psychomotor performance may be affected by impacts on the limbic system; reward and pleasure responses may be affected by effects on the mesolimbic pathway, and pain perception may be influenced by effects on the mesolimbic pathway.

Cannabinoids You Can Find

we offers a vast collection of cannabis products that contain THC, THC-O, THC-P, and THC-V as well as hemp-derived CBD. If you are in Los Angeles and seeking to order cannabinoid-containing products to your address, check out our flowers, edibles, and hemp & CBD pages. Make sure to stop by at the deals page as well to get the best out of your purchase.

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