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God’s Green Crack Kief – Top Shelf

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Buy Green Crack kief , is an indica-dominant hybrid that guarantees a heavenly pleasant high. With exceptionally high levels of THC, the flower is powerful enough to overwhelm the user if consumed at high doses.

Growing colorful buds and inducing well-balanced effects, God’s Green Crack is extremely popular these days. Its sublime combination between mental and physical effects makes the God’s Green Crack strain an all-round treat.

Origins of God’s Green Crack

The God’s Green Crack marijuana strain was created by crossing two famous buds: Green Crack and God Bud. The first one has been around for ages, but it gained in popularity once Snoop Dogg renamed it from Green Crush to Green Crack.

As for the God Bud, it’s an indica-dominant bud of high potency. Crossed with the sativa-leaning Green Crack, the combination resulted in a perfect creation of God’s Green Crack.

THC Content of God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack is a 60/40 indica/sativa hybrid and comes with high levels of THC ranging from 19% to 25%.

Appearance of God’s Green Crack

God’s Green Crack grows medium to large-sized buds of a rounded, slightly tapered structure, typical of indica flowers. The buds are coated with the dark forest green leaves with some purple shades. Finally, God’s Green Crack buds are finely covered with curly orange pistils and a heavy layer of translucent white trichomes, which makes this bud even more tempting.

Fragrance & Flavors of Green Crack Kief

The God’s Green Crack marijuana strain comes with a pungent and spicy fragrance mixed with some earthy and grape hints. For most marijuana enthusiasts, this aroma is a refreshingly good smell.


As for the flavor, the flower tastes as good as it smells. With its pungent and grape taste combined with some herbal undertones, God’s Green Crack has a delicious exotic flavor; in fact, it smells great but tastes even better.

Effects of  Green Crack kief

As the name may lead you to expect, the God’s Green Crack strain will make you feel heavenly. Although very potent, this indica-dominant hybrid induces a gentle mental high, fading away all the negative thoughts and feelings. Instead, you will experience an overall sense of positive vibes traveling throughout both your body and mind.


Later on, the indica side of the strain will also start to induce its effects, balancing the cerebral high with delicate body sedation, ensuring long-lasting tension relief.

Medical Uses of  Green Crackkief

To start with, the flower can provide relief to pain sufferers, as it comes with strong analgesic effects. Moreover, God’s Green Crack is popular among those struggling with depression and stress, both chronic and temporary. This indica-dominant bud is a perfect relaxant and works great when it comes to getting rid of stress and keeping a positive state of mind. Buy Green Crack Kief


If you’re dealing with fatigue, the God’s Green Crack strain can also be helpful, boosting the levels of energy and providing inspiration. Additionally, the flower induces appetite and therefore is recommended for those having appetite-related issues.

Potential Side Effects of God’s Green Crack

Two of the most common side effects of using marijuana are dry mouth and dry eyes sensation. Because of that, you should always stay hydrated when using weed. Buy Green Crack Kief


With such high levels of THC, God’s Green Crack can also cause mild dizziness, anxiety or paranoia, especially when consumed at higher doses. Buy Green Crack Kief

God’s Green Crack – Summary

The God’s Green Crack marijuana strain is a prominent hybrid that gives the heavy effects of God Bud enhanced by the high-flying sativa-dominant Green Crack. This potent flower works perfectly to deliver both body and head effects that uplift mood and relax the muscle at the same time. Buy Green Crack Kief


The green and purple colored buds of God’s Green Crack makes it even more tempting, especially when you’re aware of the well-balanced high the flower provides. Buy Green Crack Kief








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